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We are a concierge-style medical practice centered around integrative and preventative medicine. We specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thyroid dysfunction, gut health and PCOS.


We are passionate about helping you feel your best!


Through a series of thorough and on-going consultations which include our recommended labs evaluations, we delve deep into all factors that influence your overall health and wellbeing: your body, mind, spirit and lifestyle. 


Our recommended labs include a comprehensive hormone panel with options for food allergy testing, leaky gut testing, genetic testing and others.

Equipped with this in-depth knowledge, we will create a bespoke wellness program just for you, with an emphasis on balancing your hormones with bioidentical hormones and pharmaceutical-grade supplements, detoxing and healing with a clean, real, whole-food nutrition plan, fitness recommendations and stress-management options.


While thoughtfully guiding you, we will empower you to take charge of your health, creating a mutual partnership with a  shared goal of optimizing your health.


We are a concierge medical practice (also known as a retainer medical practice). This type of model gives us the unique ability to limit the number of patients seen in an effort to offer enhanced access, longer appointments and highly individualized patient care.


Having this sort of model also means we are not limited by the never-ending redtape associated with health insurance. We can choose to recommend both conventional and alternative therapies to reach your optimal level of health. We do not allow big pharma to influence any of our treatment recommendations.

We whole-heartedly believe that good medicine should be based in good science, revolve around good questions and emphasize good bedside manner. 


We believe you, the patient, knows your body better than any medical professional ever can and because of that, we promise to never dismiss you or your concerns.


We believe in remaining open and flexible to new paradigms and the latest research. We embrace and encourage learning on our side just as much as yours. We love to learn!


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